A funny video. Playful parrot sings and dances “Baby shark” perched upon his cage


A green coloured parrot just adores singing and dancing. The cute parrot likes to listen to the song Baby shark and sing and dance at the same time.

The cute parrot makes a good show. The parrot is rather funny. As children adore this song the parrot adores, too.

The parrot learnt all these movements and the song from the family members. There was a little child in the family. The mother and father used to sing and dance under this music.

That scnene impressed the parrot and he himself started to perform. The parrot is named Pinkfong.

The sweet parrot is very playful. As children repeat  this song and watch this video this parrot does the same.

This video went viral and attracted both the attention of grown-ups as well as children.

Here is the video:

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