A little boy with limited disability became best friends with a foal with the same disability


The boy with disability becomes close friends with the foal who moves with the help of walker.

The foal is 2 months old. The foal is named Judd. The foal lives in Pennsylvania. The foal is involved in the project dedicated to child hippotherapy.

The friendahip between the foal and the boy is very touching and heartwarming. As all of us know horses have a great influence on the mental and physical development of the child.

The cute foal has an undeveloped legs that is why he uses exoprostheses. The foal is being cured and the boy whose name is Tyler understands the foal very well.

The boy and the foal help each other. They comfort each other in any situation. The foal helps the boy experience his own pain.

Whenever the foal has a problem the boy helps him to overcome the obstacle.

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