A sweet footage shows a baby goat making the cutest noise whenever asks for cuddles


This footage shows how a baby goat asks for love to the person. The cute baby goat is just ten days old but she makes such sweet sounds that are pleasant to hear.

The sweet goat wants more and more hugs from his saviour. The small baby goat and her two other siblings were taken to the sanctuary as their owner did not want them.

They are given all the attention and care. The goat and his siblings are in good hands. They are at the Barn sanctuary.

The sanctuary looks after more than 100 animals. They are ducks, ciws and goats. The baby goat makes the sweetest sounds.

The baby goat was given a chance to live. He was taken to the hospital to help the cute creature to walk or stand. The goat is very cute and he has attracted much attention.

Here is the video:

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