A psychology test. The first thing you see reveals what is troubling you now


This is a psychology test. The test is to prove that you choose the animal that you first see shows what is bothering you now.

1. If you spotted a lion. You began forgetting yourself and devote your life to everybody. Everyone who knows you they think that you are rather strong to handle everything possible. So it is better to be selfish sometimes and think about yourself.

2. If you saw a panthern first.This shows that you have difficulty in your personal life. It is as if you are just losing your friends and connection with friends. You need to communicate as it solves many problems.

3. If you spotted zebras first. This shows that you or someone of your family is having a health problem. You should not concern about this and think positive and lead a positive and healthier life.

4. If you saw the blue bird at first this is a proof that you feel loniliness. You need to communicate in real life and use the virtual communication less. You should break the barrier and start talking to your friends.

5. If the first animal you spotted are giraffes this means you have financial problems and problems connected with job. There are many developments and modern changes you should learn what lacks in your knowledge and become competitive.

6. If you saw birds first this means that you feel insignificant. You are an independant person but you need to share your thought with your friends and family members.

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