A 104 years old woman’s lifelong dream to pet a penguin came true. She never thought it would happen


It is very interesting that animals can make our life better and happier. They are able to change the quality of life.

The animals can fullfill dreams. They are able to change life experience. An old woman whose name is Bertha Komor is 104 years old.

She is one of the oldest residents of retirement community in Connecticut. The woman always desired to pet a penguin.

The caretakers decided to realize the wish of the old woman. They dealt with the Twilight wish foundation.

They brought a penguin. The penguin was 35 years old. The penguin was named Red Green. The penguin was brought from the Mystic Aquarium.

The old woman could pet the penguin. Her eyes were filled with joy that her lifelong dream came true. She even cried showing her happiness. She was so happy that her dream came to true.

Thanks to the caring people the woman felt completely joyful. According to NECN the parternship with the Twilight Wish made everything  free for the nursing home.

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