Very cute photos will brighten your day. A kind couple rescued 2 ducklings, 2 pit bulls, 2 terriers and a cat and they are inseperable friends now


This family of animals consisits of ducks, terriers, pit bulls and a cat. They were rescued by a kind hearted couple.

They get along with each other very well and their bond is rather tight. They are just inseperable.

The couple has been rescueing animals for already 10 years. They look so cute together and have such sweet photos together.

There are 4 dogs, two ducklings and a cat. They are named Roxy, Rose, Edith, Mia, Donald, Gertrude, and Jake.

They are a very lovely family consisting of 7 members. These different types of animals will make your day.

Let’s just enjoy watching the cute photoshoot of the animals.

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