An adorable scene. The concerned man gives water to the thirsty koala and gets the sweetest “thank you” in return


Heat can be dangerous and affect on the animals. Humans can protect themselves by drinking cold water or just find a way of cooling.

As to the animals they always stand in front of obstacles. They become weak and hardly try to hide from very hot weather.

When the temperature is high the animals living in Australia face much heat and difficulty. They always need someone as the temperature reaches 116 degrees.

There are animals which handle this heat but the koalas face the hot weather with much concern. The locals are always there to help them.

The beautiful moment was captured how a man gave water to the starving koala. The wife of the man shot the adorable scene.

The koala thanked the man with a lovely way. The koala held the hand of the man and showed  his gratitude.

Here is the video:

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