The gorgeous little golden flapshell turtle. A rare turtle like a “Grilled Chesse” was found in India


A yellow flepshell is very gorgeous turtle with a cute appearance. The golden turtle is rare and is sometimes called “Grilled cheese”.

The turtle was found in India. It is colour is of an egg yolk, the sun, the daffodil or the banana.

The golden turtle has become an internet sensation for his cute appearance. Its colour is sparkling. Its flashy colour makes the turtle dominant.

In general, this turtle is called Indian flapshell turtle. This turtle is of a brown colour with yellow spots. Sometimes they come out in yellow colour.

These turtles are met in the South Asia. These turtles are sore thumbs in the wild. These turtles do not live in the wild for a long period of time.

This colour of the turtle is because of albinism. The albinism causes the animals to be of white colour but in this case it is unique.

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