Heartwarming photos. A lovely golden beige raccoon gets a sweet haircut on his back and becomes a celebrity


The cute raccoon is named Yuni. The golden-beige raccoon is two years old. The name of the owner of teh raccoon is Joyce Tai.

The cute crature lives with his owner in Taiwan. The raccon lives in the city apartment.

The fluffy raccoon is real a fashionista as he differs from other raccoons by his sweet appearance.

The raccoon attracted much attention by his
haircut. The cool haircut has made the raccoon as a star of the Internet.

The sweet raccoon is taken to mandatory vaccinations after that for shaving off his hair.

Once the hairdresser offered to do a cool haircut instead of just shaving off the hair of the raccoon.

The groomer shaved in such a proffessional way. The raccoon had the coolest haircut. A paw print on the back of the raccoon. The raccoon turned into an Internet star.

The owner of the raccoon want to make people happy and give them joy by posting the sweet pictures of the raccoon.

The celebrity has many fans. The raccoon is not only famous in China but also all over the world. As it is rather hot this hairstyle and his fur does not roll any longer.

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