A heartwarming video. A kind man adopted nearly 50 disabled seagulls


A man frm Istanbul found a disabled seagull. He took the seagull to the vet. Then he decided to give the seagull to the shelter as he could not fly any more.

The vet told the man that there are not any shelters for birds. Seagulls are symbol of Turkey. They are so cute and people adore these birds.

The man had a large place for the injured animals. He has rescued many dogs and other animals.

He decided to have a place for the seagulls. As time passed many people brought injured seagulls here.

There are nearly 50 seagulls in the shelter. Many of them make friends with each other and they stay here forever. The wings of the seagulls are injured or broken.

They feel the love the man gives them. He enjoys feeding them. He feels happy to be able to take care of such innocent creatures. Thanks to him they won’t be left behind.

Here is the video:

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