A hillarious footage. A very funny parrot tries to be invisable whenever he knows about visiting a vet


The cockatoo Max visited his vet the previous week. Now when he has to visit the vet he behaves so crazy.

Thr cockatoo has had successful visits but he refuses to go to the vet. He realzied that his owner was going to take him to a vet as the owner was on the floor trying to catch him.

The cockatoo shows that he hates going to vet. The cockatoo speaks in squawks and gibberish. The cockatoo screams trying to avoid going to a vet.

His owner expalains that he is just going to a vet to have his toenails cut. The owner of the cockatoo videotapped the cute scene and the reaction of the cockatoo is priceless.

The hysterical behaviour makes obvious that the cockatoo is scared of real situation and tries to skip from going to a vet. Get ready to laugh a lot as the cockatoo acts very funny.

The cockatoo found his cover under the table. The cockatoo does not stop his arguement and it is rather funny. It sounds as if the cockatoo says ” I don’ t want”.

Watch the video here:

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