A sweet footage.Sweetest little monkey tenderly comforts rescue parrot so dad can feed him


When a baby parrot was briught to the shelter and Bibi monkey decided to look after the parrot.

The monkey has a kind and golden heart. The monkey comforta the parrot as the parrot was need of help. The monkey Bibi did everything possible for the parrot.

The parrot enjoyed the friendship of the Bibi monkey. The monkey fed the parrot. The parrot let the monkey to play with the beak.

The monkey cuddle and gave hugs the bird. Bibi monkey stood by the parrot all the time evem when the parrot was eating.

The monkey is helping Dad to feed the baby parrot. This sweet relationship between two different species of animals is adorable and the video has been watched by 66.4 million people.

Watch the video below:

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