A brave bus driver rescued 40 children from a burning school bus

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The bus driver Janet O’Connell is titled as a hero as he rescued 40 children in a burning school bus.

This incident happened in the USA. The passengers were students from Imagine schools in West Melbourne, Florida.

The families of students are thankful to the bus driver. The driver was taking the children home by bus when she noticed a smoke coming out of the hood of the bus.

Without wasting time the quick thinking woman took the children out of the bus very quickly. The bus was destroyed as the light smoke turned into a unresistable flame.

The teacher is really quick thinking and thanks to this quality the students are rescued. They are safe and sound now. The incident happened because of the electrical problem in the bus.

The driver is praised but she says she is not a hero. She said that she loves children very much and it was her mission to act quickly.

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