A 98 years old husband walks 6 miles to see his wife in the hospital and make her day brighter and better

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A man who is 98 years old will bring your faith back that true and devoted love exists. This man is form NY, Rochester. The man’s name is Luther Younger.

He has been married for already 55 years. The man is very devoted to his wife. He even calls his wife “the sweetest cup of tea he’s ever had.

Every day the husband walks 6 miles to see his wife. He walks in any weather condition in snow, rain and even in heat. Nothing can stop him as he is very determined.

The man became rather famous in Rochester. Many people know him for his every day pilgrimage. This is not tiring for him after all.

He does not go by taxi or by bus. Many people offer to take him but he does not want. The man is athletic. He likes to walk and he does this with pleasure.

Unluckily, his wife is 9 years in the hospital and she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The doctors gave her fove years but she was rather strong and lived more.

Husband even sleeps on the floor as there is a lack of seperate rooms. The woman was also diagnosed with pnemonia a few months ago. The husband visits more frequently now.

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