A heartwarming reaction. Cockatoo freaks out whenever he sees his owner come home


A cockatoo named Onni is a two years old bird. The cockatoo adores his family members.

The cute cockatoo is in love with his human family. The cockatoo is in the centre of the family and the family is in the centre of attention of the cockatoo.

The parrot waits imaptiently for his owner every day. The moment how he greets the owner from work is very heartwarming.

The touching scene will melt your heart and fill with positive vibes. The birds and animals also have deep feelings and true emotions to their humans.

The tinu cockatoo’s internal clock always remind the cockatoo to walk or sit on the window sill and wait for the appearing of his owner’s car on the driveway.

The bird freaks out of joy and excitement every night seeing the owner. The scene how he welcomes the owner makes the owner forget all the problems and every day tiredness.

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