This Italian town uses “silent” fireworks, and the reason why makes so much sense


Fireworks are both beautiful and dramatic associated with happiness and celebrations. They gather people together but they are really a problem for pets and pet parents.

Fireworks are complete nightmare for animals. The animals get scared and run away and harm themselves accident.

The life of animals is much more important than fireworks. People can keep using fireworks without harming or traumatizing animals.

Not every body knows about these fireworls but there exist silent fireworks. An Italian town in Parma District in Italy is the only place where people use silent fireworks.

It is very important to use quiet fireworks whether it is official or private event. All the animal lovers are thrilled of this idea.

This is really a great idea. The town of Collecchio is showing the world that switching to silent fireworks is both viablr and valid.

Share the story with your family members and friends.

Share the story with your friends and family members.

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