A woman can not decide which neglected sad dog to rescue so she buys the whole shelter


As Danielle Eden came to an animal shelter in Israel she could not have imagined that she would be living with 250 dogs.

When she saw the dogs in a terrible state she decided to rescue all of them. She was a real animal lover.

Daniele Eden and her husband have their own animal shelter in Canada in 2014. The shelter is called Dogs Tales Rescue and Sanctuary.

The couple saved disabled, abused, elderly dogs from all over the world. She thought she could not leave these dogs in need.

The dogs were in bad conditions and they were just seeking for a loaf of bread. All the dogs looked frightened and weak.

She made a decision to buy the whole shelter and rescue all the dogs in need. She could not choose between them as all of them were in need of help.

Thanks to this kind hearted woman 25 dogs have been adopted in Canada after two months. 90 of dogs have been moved to other shelters and their chances are great to be adopted soon.

Another 150 dogs are being treated by vets that the woman has brought. Whenever their health state gets better they will be taken to the Dogs Tales Rescue and Sanctuary in Ontario.

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