A Photographer’s Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience of Working With the Legendary Friesian stallion of her dreams


An equine photographer remembers spending time with the Friesian stallion of her dreams. He also recalls how magical ripple effect the images of the stallion are having all over the world.

The Friesian stallion was born and raised in Hastings, Michigan. The photographer Lori Ann Thwing who is 52 years old, clives in nearby Howard City recently.

She was the last to photograph the legendary Friesian stallion of her dreams s Uldrik 457 before the stallion died.

Lori Ann said that The legendary Friesian stallion of her dreams was truly a legend in the breed. She is very happy to meet and have a chance to photograph the stallion.

The legendary stallion was 13 years old and he was 16.1 hands high (65 inches or 5.4 feet) when the photographer met him.

Unfortunately, he passed away on December 23, in 2020, making their photoshoot his last.

When she saw the stallion the owner was bathing him and washing all that luxurious hair.

He was standing in the wash stall with his mane down, almost to the ground. The photographer literally froze in place and stared at him as he was just magnificent and uniwue with his luxurious hair.

The stallion was a real work of art and the photographers could not help but get tears in her eyes from the wonderful appearance of the horse. She tried her best to capture the cute and magnificent stallion.

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