A baby goat with 22-inch big ears becomes a star and he might the goat having the longest goat ears in the world


Some animals are born with extraordinarily huge ears, just like in the movie Dumbo. This feature makes them different also makes them very unique.

Big-eared animals can end up in the record books and win hearts around the world. This goat with big ears has become a sensation. and has an aim to set a world record, even if it means making a new one.

The goat has enormous ears, measuring 54 cm, or about 22 inches. The baby goat Simba is from Karachi, Pakistan. has been making a splash in his home country.

Thanks to a unique and head-turning attribute, he has been making a splash in his home country. But unluckily, Guinness World Records does not have a category for “Longest Goat Ears.”

Simba is living his best life, attracting attention and becoming a local celebrity. His remarkable ears are protected with special harnesses, and Mohammad takes some spiritual steps to make sure his goat stays safe from harm.

That is one unbelievable, exceptional goat. Simba gets to set an official world record and goes on living his best life.

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