The parrot Daddy. A sweet and heartmelting footage showing true emotions and tight bond between an owner and his six parrots


This man adores parrots.He raised them from the moment they hatched. The different coloured parrots complete his day.


The footage will melt your heart. The man likes to take the parrots to the bed. He entertains them in a very devoted way.

He does this with so much interest and love. He talks with them and believes that they understand him completely.

The man’s name is Johan Devenier. He has raised 6 parrots since their birth. The parrots with blue and gold marker are so cute. They behave so smart.

The bond between him and the parrots is wholesome and unique. He feeds, hugs and kisses them very warmly and tightly. He even tells fairytales for the parrots.

Here is the footage:

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