The Footage About Two Cockatoos Who Meet Each Other In A Pet Store in a hillarious way


The way the cockatoo greets his friend will make you think how one should meet his friend.Cockatoos meet each other in pet storein a hillarious way. Their reaction will ensue hilarity.

This is the way everybody must greet their best friends.In this footage Max the Moluccan meets Q, a younger female Moluccan.

Their happiness seeing each other is contagious. The two Cockatoos dance, sing and throw a noisy party to the delight of those present.

Everyone whipped out their mobile phones to catch the party – after all, it’s not frequent that two Moluccan Cockatoos drop into a pet store to pick up snacks, entertain the crowds and have a play date.

Max isn’t quite sure what to make of the other cockatoo when she begins to express himslef, but he just gets more excited and louder.

Max is the original Moluccan Cluckatoo with his unmistakable trademark Bok that he sings with happiness and excitement.

It’s difficult not to laugh when you watch this 25 year old male Moluccan Cockatoo with a larger than life attitude. Max thinks that all people are funny, it’s always a great time for snacks, and, of course, that the world revolves around him.

Watch the footage below:

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