Adorable Rescued Foxes Never Leave Their Grandpa!


Grandpa and foxes, this is like a real-life fairy tale!

If you like Fantastic Mr. Fox, you will be surprised to see this man from County Kilkenny, Ireland. He currently shares his home with two adorable foxes!

Patsy Gibbons is a good man who found two fox cubs a.ban.doned and brought them home to care for. He named two adorable kittens Grainne and Minnie. He spent a lot of time taking care of them and playing with them until they really trust him!

Even though they are now fully recovered and may have returned to the wild, it appears that they have decided to adopt their rescuer as their adoptive father instead!

Many people have been influenced by the image of the senior man with the white hat and gentle face, as well as the two lovely orange foxes who always stick to him!

Local children are so taken with the three of them that schools have invited Grainne and Minnie to come and meet them. Nobody can deny that this trio is adorable!

“I now have people asking me for advice on how to care for foxes from all over the country and even the UK,” Gibbons said. I am not an expert, and I am still learning from them daily, but I am willing to consult as a layperson.”

Thanks to his kindness in saving the foxes, that’s why he’s well rewarded!
Thank you for saving the foxes. They are so beautiful!!

They love you, Daddy! You are one lucky man. Enjoy the love

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