Meet Dusty The Kangaroo Who Believes That He Is A Dog


A few years ago, an orphaned baby kangaroo was brought home by Ashley Stewart. The kangaroo, Dusty, now thinks that he is a dog after spending years with dogs.

Ashley and his family decided to bring the kangaroo home as his mama killed after getting hit by a vehicle!

Dusty and Lilly and Rosie, the family’s 2 dogs, directly bonded when they met. Dusty was being cared by Lilly, which made him think that he is a dog!

Dusty’s family says that he does not care for their cat, just like dogs! He is so adorable and lovely.

To make them 2 pairs, the family brought in another dog! What a great moment for Dusty! And what a great story! What do you think?!

Watch the video below.

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