After 13 years of captivity, this lion feels the green grass for the first time


For 13 years, this lion, named Will, lived captive in a cage, far from any contact with the wild world. Belonging to a traveling circus, Will was forced to lead an unnatural life, full of shows and locked in an iron cage.

After 13 years of captivity, the lion was rescued by an organization that fights for animal rights and now lives in a sanctuary.

He has a beautiful reaction when he is set free and he feels the grass under his feet for the very first time. The lion rolls through the grass and dust and enjoys the nature that he only now had the chance to know.

The lion passed away, due to old age, but he had five years of freedom before the sad moment. “He had the opportunity to interact with other lions.

He loved lying in the grass and looking at the sky. He was a happy lion,” said Marcos Pompeo, the founder of the sanctuary.


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