Amazing awesome beautiful lovely. Ostrich Snuggles Orphaned Elephant In An Attempt To Make Him Feel Better


These orp.hans are pitiful, but fortunately, they found friends with whom to share their joys and sorrows!

Many people are excited about the friendship between the baby elephant Jotto and an ostrich named Pea at the elephant orphanage in Kenya!

Jotto was just a month old when he fe.ll into a well and became sep.ara.ted from his herd, and Pea was rescued in 2014 when staff went to rescue a baby elephant and discovered the bird and its ostrich brother Pod.

They were transported to an elephant sanctuary. Pod has returned to the wild and joined the wild ostriches, but Pea has chosen to stay with the elephants, where she feels completely at ease.

And just like that, Jotto the baby elephant becomes best friends with Pea the ostrich!
Ostrich orphaned Pea is convinced she is a member of the elephant herd, and baby Jotto is so happy to cuddle with her feathered friend that they have frequently seen napping and sticking together all day.

Beautiful moments at the Nairobi Nursery, where these two orp.hans and many others are being treated and cared for until they are ready to return to the wilderness.

The hope is that they will remain friends until then and that nothing will be able to keep them apart.Their friendship is so endearing that you can’t help but smile when you see them!

Great caring and loving creature! There it is for all to see another example of how amazing animals are, you have to love them, they are pillars of this scr.ewed up world.

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