Watch Goofy little cockatoo becomes new mom’s shadow. Cockatoo follows his new mom everywhere


Working from home was great for Kimberly when it was just herself in the house. However, she felt as if Doobie was her little shadow, with the cockatoo following her around all the time. The bird shared everything with her.

If the owner went for a bath, Doobie would follow her, sit on a perch, and talk to her. He would continuously ask her, “What are you doing?” When Kimberly ate lunch, he ate with her.

The bird owner felt as if Doobie was her little buddy and enjoyed her day with him. When Kimberly saw him for the first time, he was wearing these little pants. That was the moment she fell in love with him.

The bird was very comfortable with Kimberly at their first meeting. There was an instant connection between the bird and the human. After that, she had to bring Doobie home. On their way home, the bird opened up to his new mama.

At first, Kimberly was a bit worried that the bird would not accept her. She felt this because Doobie was with his previous owner for 28 years. The family took it really slow to let him adapt to his new life.

Kimberly made sure she paid attention to any sign that the bird gave her and made sure that they did not push him too far. Doobie loved to chat and had a fantastic personality. He brought a lot of joy and love throughout the day.

He mimicked how Kimberly brushed her teeth by moving his neck in the same way as she did. He loved to go outside and talk to his mom before going to bed. The cockatoo responding to his human was adorable.

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