What a miracle ! This tiny horse was not supposed to survive, and he helps many kids around the world nowdays


So adorable. They are so beautiful and gorgeous animal.Are they a natural evolution that have been around for many years or a designer horse like handbag dog’s?. It’s beautiful and loved so perhaps it’s happy.

This is Thumbelina, the smallest horse in the world, born in 2001.She was born from miniature horses. Despite this, she was the only one who was born like this.

She lives at Goose Creek Farm. Her height is 43 centimeters and her weight is only 27 kilograms.She voluntarily visits [hos.pitals] and visits thousands of children.

Owner Michael Gesling says they don’t really want to own these kind of horses. They say that they get si.ck very often and d.i.e quickly.

Thankfully, she is now healthy and a blessing to the children of the world. Everyone loves him very much.

It’s amazing how long people and animals will live with love and care .

It surv.ived because he was out here to aid and help those in [hos.pitals] and children st.ricken.Mini horses are so adorable, they are fe.arless, and they think they are big, the only thing about them that is big is usually their attitude.

Bless his heart. He was saved because God knew he had a purpose in life.

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