Footage. Sweet baby flamingo tries so hard to be an adult, becomes Internet sensation instead


When thinking about flamingos – we all imagine those magnificent birds full of grace whose balance is pretty hard to match.

Nonetheless, the majestic flamingos are rather clumsy when they’re young. And this little ones attempts to act as an adult stands for it, even though it is just 4-days-old!

The sweet tiny bird was caught on camera while desperately trying to be an adult, but as it turns out, that job is far from easy.

Though the cute baby flamingo fails on its goal, the interned reward it with a worldwide fame.

A permanent resident at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, the baby flamingo was caught on camera when it tried to stand on one leg, just like the adults do.

But, this technique is much more difficult that it looks, so the cute little thing adorably fails. But it warns millions of heart instead.

An adorable photo of the baby flamingo initially urged online, after the National Aviary shared it on Facebook.

“National Aviary staff and visitors can’t stop ooh’ing and ahhh’ing over this little one!,” the caption reads.

Speaking for Bored Panda, Robin Weber, staff member at the National Aviary, explained: “We all go through a bit of an ‘awkward stage’ and flamingos are no different!

Growing up is hard, but just be persistent like a baby flamingo! You got this!”

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