Parr0t Makes Vete.rinary Staff Cry With Laughter During Nail Trim

A parrot’s antics caught the veterinary staff at Petl.and in Norwin, PA off-guard and soon had them crying with lau.ghter.

They sh.ared the funny video, captioning it, “Paco c.ame in for a wing and nail trim and had us crying from laughing.”

In the cute video, we hear what we think is a woman l.aughing. But it’s actually Paco the parrot watching an.other bird get its nails trimmed.

Paco’s laughter proves way too infectious to ignore f.or the veter.inary technician, who buckles over with laughter.

Paco’s laughing is so distracting that the staff have a h.ard time getting their work done!

Here’s the video on Instagram if you have trouble viewing the video above:

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