Mama Horse Who Baby Ad.opts Orp.haned F.oal!


This is such a wonderful thing to hear. Mama has a new baby, and b.aby has a new mom. Such a wonderful for both of them. God is so good, and blesses his animals too.
Happy that she accepted the orp.haned foal.

Queen Uniek, a Friesian horse in The Netherl.ands, was expecting her first child. The moment she went i.nto la.bor, she knew something was

She felt anxious about tha.t moment, flaming her lips and strutting in circles inside her stable. Yvonne, her Mama, stood beside her trying to ca.lm her down.

Uniek gave birth an hou.r later, and the [ve.terin.arians] who assisted pulled out a foal that wasn’t They did their best to re.v.ive him, but they were too la.te. He did.n’t it.

The hea.rtbro.ken mare kept lic.king her foal, trying to rev.ive him, but that didn’t work. They took the foal out of her stable while Yvonne continued to co.mfort Uneik.

She knew her beloved horse was in a lot of, Yvonn.e and the rest of the Friesian Horses staff received wonderful news…! Her frien.d called, telling her that they had an orp.haned foal in their care. Yvonne wanted to see if Uniek would like to adopt the foal for her own.

The first few interacti.ons were very tentative. She sniff.ed the f.oal, and the foal did the sam.e thing back. She did a little dance, and they could tell she was happy the foal in front of her as if claiming him to be her own.

It was a very spec.ial momen.t.The next day, they found the lovable mo.ther and son inside their s.table, and Uniek became very prote.ctive over her adopted f.oal. Wherever he went, she did, too. Rising Star always walked close to Uniek.

Rising Star was the happiest foal she’d ever seen. He ran and played around as any y.oung animal would. Uniek follow.ed right behind hi.m and made sure to keep her little one in sight.

So happy it ended well for & baby!Uniek raised Rising Star and she was a VERY loving and protective mother to He is now a beautiful one year old. She is healthy and doing well.

Uniek is an amazing mare, She was absolutely amazing with Rising Star, he’s a littl.e che.eky chap now .
She is such a beautiful and majestic girl! So happy that she got a bab.y to take care of. She looks like a wonderful mamma.

Glad that they were able to unite thi.s baby foal with the mother she seems to be and the baby has a mama. Very beautiful b.oth of them. Thank you for taking care of these beautiful animals.

May God bless this new family it is fantastic and beautiful! 🏡🙏🙏

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