Hilarious ‘Anti-Cheating’ Exam Hats At A Philippines College Goes Viral

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Pictures of college students donning “anti-che.ating” hats in the Philippines have gone viral and inspired other colleges to follow suit amid bold claims over their effe.ctiveness. Students designed their own hats and their creativit.y is absolutely hilarious.

Authorities across the world routinely find new ways to curb the menace of cheating during exams.

One such incident that emerged from the Philippines has gone viral where coll.ege students can be seen wearing ‘anti-cheating’ hats.

Students at one college in Legazpi City were asked to wear headgear that would prevent th.em from peeking at others’ papers.

They responded by creating bizarre apparel out of cardboard, egg boxes and other rec.ycled things. One lad even made his own goggles using paper tubes. Others donned hats, helmets or Halloween masks.

Their teacher told the BBC she had been looking for a “fun way” to ensure “integrity and honesty” in her classes.

Mary Joy Mandane-Ortiz, a professor of mechanical engineering at Bicol University College of E.ngineering, said the idea had been “really effective”.

She was insp.ired by a technique reportedly used in Thailand 9 years back. In 2013, an image went viral appearing to show a room of university students in Bangkok taking test papers while wearing “ear flaps” – sheets of paper stuck to either side of thei.r head to obscure their vision.

Her idea was imp.lemented for recent mid-term exams, which were sat by hundreds of students at the college in the third week of October.

Prof Ma.ndane-Ortiz said her initial request had been for students to make a “simple” design out of paper.

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