An owner discovers his unsocial rooster having a nap in every odd place possible


A rooster who is just three years old adors taking naps. The rooster likes to sleep wherever or wherever is possible only to be far away from mother’s close watch.

His sleeping time has becoma a game “Where is Wright?. He makes a challenge for the family to find the spot where he is. Garcia enjoys taking naps in peace rather than be seen or found.

Garcia enjoys sleeping wherever it is cosy for him. The rooster chases after flies and gets stuck everywhere possible.

The rooster likes to hide his head in a ground. He gets nervous when he is woken up. He has always been odd and upset in his own way.

It takes few minutes to find the rooster and longer if the rooster wandered around and feel asleep.

The waiting time takes not more than 50 minutes. The rooster has a unique nature that is why he is loved and respected.

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