This creative man turned an ancient plane into a comfortable home and lives and creates here: it is unbelievable cozy and beautiful inside it

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An American engineer whose name is Bruce Campbell is from Oregon. He turned the old aircraft into a comfortable massive house for him.

The unusual and amazing building is situated in the Hillsborough area in the wood. Hillsborough is not far away from Portland.

Bruce Campbell spent nearly 10 years to achieve his dream houselike this. The building is a huge ancient aircraft. It is from Olympic Airways 727 and it is four meters wide and 40 meters long.

The American engineer with his odd hobby bought the airplane he with 1000,000 $. He changed the floor of the airplane making it transparent cool.

He chased his dream and the dream came true.His home has all the neccessary accomodations for creating and living. His masterpiece has become a working area for him where new projects and ideas come true.

He managed to form a bedrooom, a toilet, a cooking room and a shower cabin. He found every solution for the perfect comfortable area for him.

He painted the whole airplane in blue colour and once a week he just likes to clean his special area.

The American manager even registrated his unique home that was purchased from the United States Federal Aviation Administration.

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