A man brought an ancient pub and found an unexpected source of wealth in the basement

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After parting with his wife a man whose name is Doran Binder made a decision to start a new phase of life and bought an inn pub called Old Crag.

Doran Binder did not count on earnings because real estate was bought as a main housing.

He bought the pub as it was near the school where his children studied. As he was divorced he could see his children in this way. At first he did not think about earnings only about his children.

The man could not imagine what prosperty he had. He got a real state that was a pure spring in front of the pub.

It turned out that the man bought a spot there was the clearest fresh water in the region. He even sent the water for observation testing for a local labaratory.

Knowing that the water has high quality he opened Crag Spring Water company. He sold the water in branded glass water in this way he took care of the enviroment.

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