A friendship lasting for nearly 18 years: a kind man saved a hippo and this giant repaid him with great surprise


The female hippo which name is Jessica is a famous animal. There are nearly 150 documentaries about the hippo. All the media writes about the female hippo in the world.

Many tourusts dream about seeing the hippo. It is time that we know about this cute creature.

In South Africa the story of the cute hippo began 18 years ago. Joubert family found the little hippopatamus near the river bank and there was no one around the hopeless animal.

The hippo was just a few days old. It was obvious that the lonely Jessica could not live in the world alone. The cub had little chance to survive so the man decided to take the cub home. The family named thr cub Jessica.

The entire family took care of the cub and the cub even lived in their house but as she grew up they decided to release the animal into the very river. The hippo returned to the place where she was found once.

Jessica was so attached to the family that she sailed to the house of the family to see them. Her owner even makes a tea which the hippo liked very much.

Jessica is not afraid of people. She just enjoys their company and likes to get gentle pats and treats.

Many people want to see Jessica and see the family that grew the hippopatamus up. This story attracts many people and they want to share and know about the experience the family had while taking caring of the hippo.

Share the story with your family members and friends.

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