Even the geniuses have failed to find the hidden snake in 5 seconds. Can you?


In this brain teaser picture puzzle, you can see a group of giraffes standing in a jungle. Among the herd is a sneaky little snake and you have to find it before the timer runs out.

Yes, as usual, we have a timer for this brain teaser IQ test. We are giving you 8 seconds to find the snake hiding among the giraffes.

Can you find it?It is being said that even geniuses have failed to find the hiding snake in 5 seconds or less.Are you smarter than them?Let’s find out by testing your brain.Get your tools (and eyes) ready.

Your time starts now!All the best.Remember, 5 seconds and no more.We have given the answer to this brain teaser at the end. But if you cheat, then you won’t be able to find out whether or not you belong to the genius faction or not.

Meanwhile, here is a fun fact for you.Did you know that octopuses punch fish out of spite?

Researchers have captured several videos of octopuses hitting fish. The octopus would sometimes aim at a fish and strike it with an explosive move, for no apparent reason. These punches were directed toward many fish species. Researchers believe that this behavior serves an important purpose.

Now, let’s get back to our brain teaser. Have you found the hiding snake yet?Your 5 seconds are up!We are revealing the answer now!

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