The legendary 75 years old Cher without make up has been captured by paparazzi when she was on adventurous vacation

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A famous singer Cher went viral in the social media because of her appearance wit no make up. She went on a vacation and paparazzi managed to capture her without make up.

This picture attracted the attention of fans and the society in general. Socitey is not used to see such pictures of celebrities.

Cher was swimming in the water and this scene was captured how sge submerged in the water. In general, she could not wear luxury dress or evening gown but this photo left many questions.

She was on an adventurous tour and she looked so unique in her appearance. She went surfing in a small white boat.

She wore unusual T-shirt which was orange. All fans are surprised about the obvious look that showed her real age.

They even say that she is unrecognizable without make up. Despite her age and this pictures fans still continue to consider her a exceptional chic and rather beautiful.

No matter that she is with no make up she is still loved and a loved icon for her fans.

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