You are really a genius if you can spot the fish in 6 seconds?


Where is the fish in the image? Can you find it in 15 seconds? Try!

What does this image look like? What does it consist of?

The image has snowflakes and polar bears which makes it adorable.

Can you spot the hidden fish in this image? If you are not able to spot the hidden fish, scroll down for hints.

Various viewers or readers have different views and comments.

Some said, “There is no fish hidden in the image.”

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Another said, “Polar bears have eaten the fish, so none of the fish is there in the image.”

One said, “It is difficult to find the fish in the image.”

One more person said, “Fish is small or big.” “I want a hint if possible.”

One more persona said, “Nothing is difficult, it’s just we have to look keenly at the image.”

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Look at the image once again!

If you are not able to find the hidden fish in the image, don’t worry. Scroll down for some hints which make it easier to spot the fish.


The fish is small and hidden on the left side of the image in snowflakes. Look once again!

Are you able to find the hidden fish now? Still not, no worries. Scroll down for the biggest hint.

The fish is hidden near two polar bears on the left side of the image or below the left side of the polar bear wearing a beautiful yellow sweater-like thing.

Now, it will be easier for you to find the hidden fish in 15 seconds in this optical illusion of the image.

Scroll down for the answer

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