What kind of comb do you use? here’s what your choice will reveal

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Daily habits can tell a lot about you and your character. The hairstyle you use can tell you what kind of woman you are and what your main features are. Don’t think long, just choose how you comb your hair every day…

Option 1 Your warmth and simplicity set you apart from other women. Some may even think that you are very simple, but this is only at first glance. You live the way you want, and you never hurt yourself, because you think that only weak people feel negative emotions.

Option 2 You are gentle and graceful. Your smile is very attractive. You never get upset about the details. The clothes you wear accentuate your femininity, but what you wear shines on you equally. You never seek to be the center of attention, but because of your special energy, that’s exactly what happens where you end up.

Option 3 You are a woman who changes her mind and mood at the speed of light. It’s hard for other people to keep up with your dynamic pace, and that makes you unique. Kindness and willingness to help others is always a value that many appreciate in you. You do not tolerate monotony and do everything so that your life never becomes boring.

Option 4 Your modesty sets you apart from all other women. You never want to be the center of attention, but you always want to find understanding with others. You do not complicate anything in life and are always honest with everyone.

Version 5 As a rule, you are satisfied with what you have in life and know how to appreciate things because of your minimalist nature. You never keep things at home that you don’t need. You don’t spend money on unimportant things, but instead invest in something useful: education, travel, health. The most important thing for you is the relationship with your closest friends and colleagues.

Version 6 Stability is your main quality. You know what you want and your habits are well thought out. Every change changes your mood, because in reality you are a conservative person, and it is difficult for you to adapt to changes that take you out of your comfort zone.

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