Only 1 percent of people can find a car in the room in 6 seconds.

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The seek-and-find challenge is an excellent tool to test your observation skills. Want to test how attentive you are? Then find a car in the room in 6 seconds.

Finding the car in the picture in 6 seconds is a tough ask, and only individuals with superior observation skills can spot the car more quickly than others.

The car can be seen on the left side of the image, it is marked with a circle to make it easy to identify.

The car may be right in front of your eyes, but you may not see it at first glance.Did you notice the car yet?And…

The time limit is over.How many of you were able to spot the car within the time limit?

We believe that most of you have found the car by now, while others are still looking.

Wondering where the car is?

Check out the solution below.

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