IQ TEST. If you can spot the Odd one within 1 minute, you have extremely sharp eyes!!!


Here, one mouse is diffe rent from the rest and your mission is to spot that odd one in under a minute.

Let’s go!Now, have you found the odd one out in the image above? We hope it took you less than a min ute but if it took more time, that’s okay too…

If you believe you have the right answer, see below to confi rm.If you haven’t found the answer yet, don’t worry; we have it here.

Others found the inacc uracy difficult to see, and I was one of the few who missed the tiy detail. When you see it, however, you’ll know immed iately away that something isn’t quite right!

That is why we have another picture puzzle that you can enjoy with your friends and family! Are you ready? Take this test to help you develop your visible abili ties!

Do you want to see your visible abilities? See if you can spot the odd one out in ALL phases of this extremely effecti ve visible quiz. If you can, you will be pleased with your excell ent visual concept!

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