Only people with high IQ can spot the total number of rabbits in 11 seconds


In this brain puzzle, you need to find out the total number of rabbits in the picture. At first, you might see only 9 rabbits in the picture.

In the above image, you need to identify the total number of rabbits.

The brain teaser challenges the observation skill test of the viewers by asking “How many bunnies do you see in the picture below?”.

An alert mind can identify the accurate number of rabbits within 11 seconds.

However, there are 12 rabbits in the picture if you look carefully.

In the 1st row, there are 3 rabbits, in the 2nd row there are 4 rabbits and in the 3rd row there are 11 rabbits.

For your ease, we have marked the total number of rabbits in the image given below:

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