Can you find the bicycle in the museum in 5 seconds?

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Your task is to spot a bicycle in the museum within 5 seconds to complete the challenge successfully.

The “seek and find challenge” is a popular activity to test your level of attentiveness. Are you attentive enough? Then find the bicycle in the museum in 5 seconds.

This challenge is a good way to test your attention to detail.To spot the bicycle you need to watch the image carefully.

Finding the bicycle in the museum in 5 seconds is quite a task.Individuals with superior observation skills will notice the bicycle faster than others.

Have you located the bicycle?Hurry, the clock is ticking.The bicycle may be right in front of your eyes, but you may not notice it at first.

Did you notice the bicycle now?Two…
One…And…The time limit is over.

The bicycle can be seen parked between the plane and the car. This type of bicycle is known as Penny Farthing.


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