Only for genuises. Can you find 5 Ys in the image?

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The image shared above contains the alphabet X in rows as well as columns. But, among the sea of the alphabet X, there are five Y’s, and the challenge for you is to seek and find the five Y’s.

The seek-and-find challenge is an excellent tool to test your observation skills. Want to know how good your observation skills are? Then find the five Y’s in this image within 15 seconds.

You have 15 seconds to find all the Y’s in the image.Look carefully at the image, and try to spot the alphabet Y in the image.

The time limit of the challenge makes it a moderate-level challenge that can be solved by individuals who have good observation skills.

You did a great job if you spotted at least 3 or 4 within the given time.Curious to know where all 5 Ys are?Scroll below for the solution.

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