Visual IQ test: If You Have Sharp Eyes Find The Word Shave Among Slave In 16 Secs

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*To co-mplete this task you must only need a few se-conds to be am-ong the 2% with a high IQ. The-se optical illusions Ca-tch pe-oples’ eyes and make them want to test their ey-esight. So let us get on and see if you can find the Hidden Wo-rd Sh-ave in a few se-conds or not.*

*Our bra-ins are so good at rec-ognising patt-erns and “seeing” that scie-ntists be-lieve optical illusions are fa-miliar Ob-jects that our minds work qui-ckly to create a “whole” image from se-parate pieces. A hu-man brain can look at thi-ngs dif-ferently from all dif-ferent angles, and it forms dif-ferent dec-isions from all angles. One ill-ustration that co-nfuses the hu-man mind is the image where an Word Sh-ave is hidden and has to be found.

*This im-age was sh-ared as a puzzle for all age gro-ups. It has been seen that only 2% of peo-ple can find the Word Sha-ve in this image. Spotting the Hidden Word Shave can be a little difficult but with a little bit of conc-entration you can do it!

*Optical illusions are like wal-nuts to the brain; they sha-rpen your brain’s anal-ytical powers. Our brains unco-nsciously try to meet our desire and exp-ectations when ins-earch of reality. In a game of Optical Illusion one can t-hink that a variety of Ob-jects match the obj-ect that one has to find and that cre-ates the con-fusion making the brain try to diffe-rentiate betw-een what is real and what looks real.

*This illusion cha-llenges its vie-wers to find The Word Sh-ave by a-sking them to “Dis-cover The Word Shave.” This Optical illusion im-age is just an-other fun way to test your IQ, but ta-king an actual IQ test to test the IQ is a far better idea.

*Optical Illusions tac-kle the diffe-rence betw-een what your eyes see and what the brain perc-eives. For this Optical Illusion you still have time to go back up and se-arch for the Hidden Word Shave yo-urself before we re-veal the Hidden Word Shave in the image below.

*We hope you have fou-nd it on your own; if not, don’t worry. Here is the image sho-wing the Hidden Word Shave.

*The mo-ment has come when the Hi-dden Word Shave will be re-vealed.

Check the Image below!

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