Visual IQ test: Can You Find the Horse Rider in 13 Secs?

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*Optical Illusions have been the new trend on the int-ernet in recent times. Let’s dive into one of them. In this Optical Illusion, there is a hid-den Horse Rider. You are a born ob-servant if you spot the hidden Horse Rider in this Optical Illusion image. Let’s test how good are your obs-ervation skills by attem-pting this Optical Illusion chall-enge!*

*Optical Illusions are one of the ways to inc-rease our visual skills and make our br-ains more effi-cient in de-aling with images. It also teaches us to notice and give im-portance to even small things in our daily ro-utine.

*In this picture, there is a hid-den Horse Rider.

*You need to be more at-tentive to locate the hidden Horse Rider in this picture.

*To make it more cha-llenging, you have only 15 se-conds to com-plete this cha-llenge.

*Your Time St-arts Now!

*Look closer but don’t strain your eyes

*Did you find the hi-dden Horse Rider within 15 seconds?

*You’re running out of time! Come on, hurry!




*Okay! Stop! Your time’s up.

*Have you fo-und the hidden Horse Rider within 15 seconds?

*If yes, you might be br-illiant.

*If not, don’t be upset. We are always there to as-sist you

*Those with eagle eyes may have al-ready spotted the hidden Horse Rider. If you need help sp-otting the hidden Horse Rider, look at the below image for the re-vealing of the an-swer.


*The hid-den Horse Rider is marked in the hig-hlighted area in the image.

*If you are interested in Optical Illusions, check our website reg-ularly for more up-dates. Visit us daily for more Optical Illusions and to main-tain your Optical Illusion win-ning streak. Good Luck!

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