Interesting stories: 180-pound dog waits every day to give favorite mailwoman a hug

interesting stories

*Fro-nky conti-nues to wait for his best bu-ddy, a mailwo-man nam-ed Sh-aun!*

*Fro-nky has been Shaun’s best fri-end sin-ce he was a seven-week-old pu-ppy. The two are inse-parable, and se-eing Shu-an is alw-ays a high-light of Fro-nky’s day.

*»When she is at her tru-ck, gath-ering all her pres-ents and get-ting rea-dy to co-me to our ho-use, you see his tail run-ning so qui-ckly, and if she tak-es too long, he bec-omes agi-tated,» Fro-nky’s mot-her, Eil-een, told The Do-do.

*Fron-ky has gro-wn into a 180-po-und dog that co-uld ea-sily leap over the fro-nt yard fen-ce if he so cho-ose. Fron-ky, on the oth-er hand, is a dec-ent guy who alwa-ys st-ays on his side of the fe-nce. Fortuna-tely, Sh-aun can sti-ll give him lots of pet-s and cud-dles!

*Sha-un had a cho-colate lab who died, acc-ording to Eile-en. She bel-ieves Fro-nky prov-ides her with the pup-py hugs she cra-ves.

*»I beli-eve just hav-ing this short bre-ak with Fro-nky he-lps her out and giv-es her som-ething to look for-ward to,» Ei-leen expl-ained.

*»Sha-un has sort of beco-me a me-mber of our fa-mily,» Eileen expla-ined. «She consta-ntly forg-ets to co-me by, and we can’t wa-it to see her ev-ery day… And Fro-nky is com-pletely out of con-trol wh-en he he-ars her vo-ice.»

*Wh-en a stra-nger ent-ers the sce-ne, the bullma-stiff’s laid-back att-itude towa-rds fam-ily mem-bers is lik-ely to alter. The-se dogs are wary of pers-ons who are not mem-bers of their fam-ily.»

*The most plau-sible ans-wer app-ears to be that Fro-nky consi-ders Sha-un to be a part of his fam-ily. How lov-ely!

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