Find the Odd Number 725 in 5 Seconds

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Concentrate on the middle number of the three-digit sequence. Seek and find puzzles are a fun way to test and improve your observation skills. Test your visual skills by finding the odd number 725 in 5 seconds.

And if it’s still too hard, focus on looking at the digits near the bottom right-hand corner of the puzzle.

A new optical illusion depicts an grid of 775 and over again – but there’s an odd one out.

Number 725 appears somewhere along the number sequence – and the test is simple, can you spot it?

While the test is relatively straightforward, it’s not as easy to spot the missing number.

And it’s even harder to try and spot it in the seven-second timeframe.Take another look at the image; you might be on the verge of locating the hidden number.

The odd number can be located on the left side of the image. It is marked with a red circle for ease of identification.

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