Visual test: If you have Hawk Eyes find the Word Mine among Nine in 20 Secs

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*An Optical illusion is a ki-nd of puzzle where an obj-ect, pe-rson, ani-mal, or some-thing is hid-den in an ima-ge, and you ne-ed to find them. Optical illusions will ma-ke a per-son give work to their bra-in cells. It will help you deve-lop cogn-itive thi-nking ski-lls.*

*You can be go-od with co-lors, patt-erns, and reaso-ning if you regul-arly pra-ctice optical illusions. It will inte-grate your vis-ion and thin-king skills. Here in this optical illusion, an Word Mine is hidd-en. You need to find it wi-thin 20 Seconds. If you can find it wit-hin 20 Seconds, you will be a bra-iny per-son.

*In the given pic-ture, the Word Mine is hid-den. You ne-ed to find the Word Mine. You ne-ed to spe-nd some time and look de-eply into the im-age to find the Word Mine. But don’t take too much time. Keep in min-d that the clo-ck is tic-king, and you need to find out the Word Mine bef-ore the gi-ven time ge-ts over.

*Try to find the Word Mine by sear-ching in eve-ry nook and cor-ner of the pic-ture. Some-times, it wo-uld be hard to find the answ-er to the optical illusion, as the ob-ject wo-uld be hid-den in a pl-ace that is diff-icult to exp-lore. It would be tricky and wou-ld take so much time. Take your time and try to spot the Word Mine.

*If you have fou-nd the hidden Word Mine fo-und in this image, congra-tulations! You are an inte-lligent and quick-witted person. You have a sharp mi-nd and great visual and thi-nking skills. Pat on your shoul-ders and congrat-ulate you-rself.

You can also check the answer here.

*If you can’t find the hi-dden Word Mine in the pict-ure ab-ove, don’t get dishe-artened. Try again and try to find it.

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