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USA, Boldt Castle
In the early 20th century, on Heart Island in the Thousand Islands archipelago in the delta of the Saint Lawrence River, where the border between the southern Canadian province of Ontario and the northern U.S. state of New York runs, a castle was built. However, its fate turned out to be tragic.

Renowned American architect and owner of a chain of fashionable hotels, George Boldt, decided to give his beloved wife a gift for Valentine’s Day. He personally designed it, and construction began.

A 6-story building in the style of ancient German castles was erected. It was intended to have 127 rooms, 365 windows, a swimming pool, an elevator, and plumbing. They also built a children’s play tower, laid tunnels, and created a park. The yacht house is also noteworthy.

But in 1904, Louise, Boldt’s wife, died of tuberculosis. Construction work was halted, and the island itself, with all the structures, was abandoned. Time and vandals took their toll, and the castle began to deteriorate.

However, justice eventually prevailed. In 1977, Boldt’s heirs sold the castle to local authorities for a purely symbolic fee. However, a condition was set that all money from tours should go towards the building’s reconstruction.

The castle found a new life. It was restored, and everything was put in order. Now it is a landmark not only on a local scale. People come from everywhere to admire this creation of human hands.

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